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Day 412

You shouldn’t go somewhere where somebody doesn’t want to take you– that’s what I learned today 😦

It’s 7: 06 PM on day 412 of my journey towards independence and I’ve managed to brush my teeth, feed myself Idli –   a south Indian savory cake popular throughout India – and Sambar – a dish common in South India and Sri Lankan Tamil cuisines, made of toor dal – for breakfast, publish my Kid of the Week  feature,  prepare and publish my Disability of the Day feature, tweet about my Clean Water For All Campaign – no luck – go to the party  –it was the funniest thing this woman came up to me and said I saw your website (my fundraising page) and even now, a couple of hours later, I don’t know what she wanted me to say to that seeing as she saw it and did nothing to help I suppose that’s how most people are these days all talk and no action –  tweet about my campaign some more–still no luck– feed myself spaghetti with sauce for dinner –when I done I had spaghetti all over myself oh well 🙂 –and brush my teeth once more.

This afternoon just before we were about to leave for the party my dad said why don’t you guys just go – he knew my mother would never be able to load me on and off the car – and I found myself saying please come please come please come in that moment I felt like something he stepped on and promised myself that I would never again go anywhere with him unless it was absolutely necessary and that I guess is my message to you guys when people treat you with less than the respect you deserve just decided that they will never have the opportunity to treat you in that manner ever again. Have you ever sacrificed your pride and gone somewhere somebody didn’t want to take you only to wish you hadn’t?

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