Kid of the Week

Connecting Through Music

Abigail Lupi

Age 10, Stockholm, NJ

Lots of children like to put on shows. Few are as enterprising as Abigail. She performed her first musical revue three years ago at an assisted-living center, in honor of her great-grandmother’s 100th birthday. “That’s when I discovered many of the elderly didn’t have visitors,” she says. Abigail figured she could remedy that by inviting friends to perform with her at assisted-living residences, nursing homes, and children’s hospitals throughout the state. Today, CareGirlz, Abigail’s ensemble of 13 girls ages 6 to 13, has a repertoire of more than 90 Broadway and pop songs, and they’ve performed in 20 different locales so far. “I like to brighten up people’s days and help them have a fun time,” says Abigail. “If I do my best, they’ll have a smile on their faces by the end.”

(Note: This story was written by  Andrea Cooper for

61 responses to “Kid of the Week

  1. Great first Kid Of The Week. Fantastic Nisha. 🙂

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  4. Ricky is such a doll! So glad you featured him!

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  6. I’m so glad you featured Jaylen. I had not heard of his foundation before, but after reading your post, I visited his website. What great work he’s doing!

    • I agree. I love everything he stands for 🙂 Did you know? Kids are killing themselves because they are just sick and tired of being bullied 😦

      Yours truly,

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  18. Nisha,

    Amy and Emma are so honored that you featured them! Amy said “and I’ve never EVEN been to AFRICA!” We are so inspired by your story. You truly illustrate what the girls always say, everyone can make a difference!

    Alison (their mom)

    • You’ve never been to Africa? That is a crime consider your family invited and tell the girls that I said that they are a light that leads the way for others to shine 🙂

      Yours truly,

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  33. Great story – great kid..!

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  36. Hi Nisha

    Great post you have here.
    Keep on post these blog.
    You are one super wonderful
    young lady.

    hugs bonnie squires

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  39. A remarkable little girl, who’s legacy will continue to give for decades to come. Inspiring story & an inspiring family… much love to them.

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  50. HI Nisha! Thank you so much for selecting Alanna as one of your Kids of the week! I hope that her organization continues to make you proud and inspire other children to serve as she has done so well. Our goal is to serve in Ghana West Africa next year polishing the medically fragile and teaching them about the importance of handwashing, as well as continuing to serve around the US, we are greatful to you for helping us to share that message!

    • Hi Val,

      It was my pleasure to select Alanna I am sure that she and her organization will continue to make me proud I was especially touched by the work she does with girls who have special needs because I too have special needs – at six months I was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. I am happy to hear that you’re looking into serving girls in Ghana 🙂

      Yours truly,

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