Day 410

You can complain about your life and still be grateful– that’s what I learned today 🙂

It’s 7: 28 PM on day 410 of my journey towards independence and I’ve managed to brush my teeth, feed myself spring rolls for breakfast,  prepare and publish my Disability of the Day feature, feed myself raw mixed vegetables  for lunch,  tweet about my Clean Water For All Campaign – no luck –  continue reading Captive of my Desires by Johanna Lindsey feed myself spaghetti with sauce – I used a fork and made a mess oh well 🙂 – for dinner and brush my teeth once more.

Last night as I struggled to turn myself over so I could get a decent night’s sleep I realized that I would have to work twice as hard to live half the normal life and that made me burst into tears which normally I would have felt guilty about because I would think to myself what do I have to complain about there are kids right now dying of cancer but yesterday I just thought I am grateful but this is so unfair muffled my tears with a pillow – if my family heard me all they would think to say is we’re sorry and frankly at that precise moment I didn’t need that because they don’t get it they’re only affected by my “disability” when they’re with me other times they can go places with stairs and do things without a second thought whereas I on the other hand don’t have the luxury of taking a break from my life I have twice as hard as everybody else does every minute of my life – and went to sleep. Do you put on a brave face and solider on because you fear being labeled an ingrate?

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If you’ve given to my cause or you can’t give now, please help me by sharing my cause with others. You can tweet about it like my friend Stan Faryna. This is the tweet he uses: @Nisha360 is a brave, smart young woman trying to make a better world for us all. Please help her do an amazing thing.

Stan’s very sweet for saying so, but feel free to write what reflects you best.

Thanks to all my friends out there who are helping me make my dream come true: to make a better world for all of us!

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