Day 382

Money doesn’t make the man; man makes the money– that’s what I learned today 🙂

It’s 7: 15 PM on day 382 of my journey towards independence and I’ve managed to brush my teeth,  feed myself a peanut butter roll for breakfast, prepare and publish my Disability of the Day feature,   tweet about my Clean Water For All Campaign – Peter –another one of Chrissy‘s friends – made a donation – thank you Peter you just made the day of someone you don’t even know 🙂 – watch The Rugby World Cup match: South Africa vs. Samoa – we won I asked people to donate to my campaign for every tri South Africa scored – no one did  you win some you lose some I guess  🙂 –  feed myself rice and curry for lunch, watch TV and Facebook about my campaign–no further luck.

Yesterday my father was telling me about someone’s very expensive house – size and everything about it – and hearing how envious he sounded I realized that it didn’t matter how many times I told him having more things and money doesn’t make you a better person because he had a different definition of success than I did – he perceives having things and money as being successful whereas, I perceive being of service every day as being successful (every time I do something for someone else without expecting anything in return I feel like my soul is filled I feel like a millionaire) – but I tried to show him what he already had one last time I said we have a house to which he responded but our house doesn’t compare to that house. Are you defined by your bank balance and everything that goes with it?

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If you’ve given to my cause or you can’t give now, please help me by sharing my cause with others. You can tweet about it like my friend Stan Faryna. This is the tweet he uses: @Nisha360 is a brave, smart young woman trying to make a better world for us all. Please help her do an amazing thing.

Stan’s very sweet for saying so, but feel free to write what reflects you best.

Thanks to all my friends out there who are helping me make my dream come true: to make a better world for all of us!


2 responses to “Day 382


    I agree with you Nisha. Having more things and money doesn’t make you a better person and in my opinion doesn’t fully define success. To me success is defined as a combination of things. Yes it can include materialistic things but it’s not everything. I have been blessed to have some of those things but find they do not fully define my success or happiness. The most joy I get is like you said being of service (my soul too feels like a million bucks!) I get more out of this then all the material items one can have (not saying it isn’t helpful but it isn’t everything). This could explain why we are connected 🙂

    Keep up the great job!


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