Day 354

The show must go no matter what– that’s what I learned today 🙂

It’s 7: 33 PM on day 354 of my journey towards independence and I’ve managed to brush my teeth, make some sandwiches on behalf of Virginia’s Sandwich Run with the help of our housekeeper– I was sticky and messy by the end of it but it was for a good cause 🙂  –    feed myself an avocado sandwich  for brunch, prepare my Kid of the Week feature for Sunday, tweet about my Clean Water For All Campaign – no luck –   feed myself grilled chicken for dinner and watch TV.

As many of you know my family has been going through a rough patch of late – first my brother was hospitalized and then almost a week later my grandma (she has now been moved to a rehab center) – and because of that I put making sandwiches for our housekeeper’s neighborhood – if you have no idea what I’m talking about refer to Virginia’s Sandwich Run – on hold but this week I realized that me sitting here not helping people wasn’t helping anyone least of all my grandma who I haven’t see in four weeks – I asked my father to take me but as per usual he said no I still can’t understand how a father can be ashamed his child because she has a medical condition – so today I am going to make sandwiches in honour of both sets of my grandparents – both my grandmothers are still alive – Virginia, Joseph uncle – my father’s friend who died a couple of years ago – Brennan and Rachel. Do you stop your life when something unexpected happens?


2 responses to “Day 354

  1. Big hug to you, Nisha!

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