Day 342

You can’t make choices for anyone else – that’s what I learned today.

It’s 7: 47 PM on day 342 of my journey towards independence and I’ve managed to brush my teeth, sleep some more, feed myself corn flakes for breakfast, publish my Kid of the Week feature, finish reading A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini – a book about extraordinary love and sacrifice I would recommend it to anyone who needs perspective – feed myself rice and curry for dinner and brush my teeth once more.

This morning we were discussing what we were going to eat for breakfast and I almost had a heart attack when my sister said she was making hamburgers and putting an egg on top of it – my brother is 17kg’s overweight according to his pediatrician – but after much begging, pleading and suggesting alternative foods I realized that he was going to have to make the decision to lose weight by himself so although I feel like I’m watching a train crash in slow motion I’m going to back off. Do you sometimes wish you could make choices for those you love?

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If you’ve given to my cause or you can’t give now, please help me by sharing my cause with others. You can tweet about it like my friend Stan Faryna. This is the tweet he uses: @Nisha360 is a brave, smart young woman trying to make a better world for us all. Please help her do an amazing thing.

Stan’s very sweet for saying so, but feel free to write what reflects you best.

Thanks to all my friends out there who are helping me make my dream come true: to make a better world for all of us!


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