Day 296

You teach people how to treat you. – Dr. Phil C. McGraw

It’s 10: 23 PM on day 296 of my journey towards independence and I’ve managed to brush my teeth,  feed myself toast, mutton sausage and fried tomatoes for breakfast, watch TV, feed myself rice and curry for lunch, do some research on Dementia – it breaks my heart to see my granny becoming less and less of herself and unfortunately it seems that all I can do is sit back and watch because the treatment options for Dementia are very limited 😦 – read two of the most recent post on Love That Max and Top 9 why you should blog on The Nicky Blog  – all the blog posts I read were very good but since I’d never read Nicky’s blog before naturally I was more excited to read that and the fact that I could attest to the 9 reasons why you should blog made it all the better 🙂 – tweet about my Clean Water For All Campaign – yesterday evening Tana (@woveneye3) made a PayPal donation which I will donate to my campaign on her behalf ASAP and Bonnie (@bonnie67) made two more donations – you guys are AWESOME thank you SO much for your support 🙂 – play host to my extended family who came over for dinner – my aunt almost ended up in tears when my father said grandma didn’t remember the names of her girl children because they didn’t take of her my father didn’t mean anything by it but I saw my aunt’s face when he said that and she was REALLY hurt 😦 – and brush my teeth once more.

Last night after we came back from dinner at my uncle’s a community member of ours – let’s call him M – called and said he would be coming to our house in ten minutes to borrow our GPS and immediately my dad said with urgency to no one in particular M is coming take Nisha to the other room and in that moment instead of feel less than and going to my room like I usually did I said rather nonchalantly what’s wrong if I’m here to which he responded oh no nothing I just thought you wanted to pee which I did not believe for a second but for the sake of keeping the peace I let it go and asked my mother to help me in the bathroom. Have you taught people to treat you badly?

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4 responses to “Day 296

  1. Hi

    I’m sorry about your grandma. I know how it is
    to have a family or friend not remember things it
    is so sad.

    My friend i grew up with and went to high school
    and ever thing her grandma i called aunt Doris had
    Alzheimer’s where she couldn’t remember any one at all.
    There was days she sit in her chair and call her granddaughter
    her daughter and days where she call her daughter her granddaughter.
    Than she think she was back in the 30’s or 50’s and ask for things
    that she get back than and she get upset because she couldn’t get
    the things she wanted. It broke my heart to see her like that. She use to
    run apartments with her husband.

    When I lived in Ca there was another lady that lived near us who
    had Alzheimer’s and she got out of the house and than didn’t no who
    she was or any thing. I new the signs of Alzheimer’s and tried to find her
    home but couldn’t than a friend came over who new the lady and asked
    what she was doing and she didn’t no so she took her back home and took care of her.

    Now for your dad that upsets me what he said about you going to your room
    and having to go pee. i would have a talk with your mom about that or even come rite out and talk to your dad. I’m sorry that is just wrong to hide you away when certain people come over.

    As you know I’ve several children with disability’s and i don’t treat any of them differently. If you do that brings them down and makes them feel bad
    your dad should be proud of you know matter how you are God gave him a gift and that is you.

    Nisha all so remember you have a heart of gold and are one beautiful Lady and know one can change that .

    Hugs Bonnie

  2. Your dad needs to grow up. You have a lot to teach him.

    • That’s true I LOVE him but he spends all his time focusing on my sister – she’s the golden child – and only talks to me when I’m sick or need money or transport it makes me kinda sad actually because when my family looks at me all they see is a failure just because I wanted to change the world and be a blogger according to my community unless you’re a doctor, engineer, CA or Actuary who gets married and has a couple of kids you’re a waste of space. Isn’t that sad? 😦

      Yours truly,

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