Day 257

People’s perceptions of me aren’t personal – that’s what I learned today 🙂

It’s 8: 01 PM on day 257 of my journey towards independence and I’ve managed to brush my teeth, feed myself a chicken hotdog for breakfast, tweet about my Clean Water For All Campaign –no luck –send Oprah a thank-you email for everything she’s taught me – I know what you’re thinking I didn’t ask for a donation I didn’t want to be another one of those people who just wanted something from her I’ll find another way to raise the rest of the money 🙂 – send messages to my Facebook friends asking them to spread the word about my campaign, feed myself rice and curry for lunch, watch a few YouTube videos about water, watch TV while feeding myself Custard, tweet about my campaign some more – still no luck 😦 – and brush my teeth once more.

Today a well respected couple in the community came to visit us and the aunty waltzed into my room and said – in the presence of mother – you will walk, you will work and you will be healed I will pray for you promise me you will trust and in that moment I realized that she didn’t think I could live a full and happy life in a wheelchair which forced me to suppress my laughter and say I promise. Do you take everything people say to you to heart or choose to filter out ignorance?

Are we connecting on Twitter? If not, say hi at

if you’ve given to my cause or you can’t give now, please help me by sharing my cause with others. You can tweet about it like my friend Stan Faryna. This is the tweet he uses: @Nisha360 is a brave, smart young woman trying to make a better world for us all. Please help her do an amazing thing.
Stan’s very sweet for saying so, but feel free to write what reflects you best.

Thanks to all my friends out there who are helping me make my dream come true: to make a better world for all of us!


5 responses to “Day 257

  1. Nisha Varghese,

    Your voice walks the earth. Your work touches the hearts of people in far away lands. You inspire others and in so doing, you heal broken people and a broken world. From a wheelchair.

    Those who pity you are in need of more healing than you. For they are blind.

    Stan Faryna
    28 May 2011
    Bucharest, Romania

    P.S. Print this comment and tape it to your bedroom door. So all who may come to look with pity upon you, have a chance to be healed themselves.

  2. Thanks Stan I will do that 🙂
    Yours truly,

  3. Hi Nisha

    Reading your last couple blogs I see you
    been getting down about getting the rest
    of the money for your clean water.

    Nisha I know it isn’t easy not getting down
    when things don’t go the way you planed but
    I know they will work out.

    All so 1 thing I learned from Stan is you got to believe
    in your self. Not to let any thing stop you.

    As Booker T. Washington would say Keep on Keep
    You should read up on him

    Your friend Bonnie (((hugs)))

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