Day 252

You can turn all the negativity in your life into fuel – that’s what I learned today 🙂

It’s 7: 07 PM on day 252 of my journey towards independence and I’ve managed to brush my teeth, practice wheeling myself around – it took me two hours to get from the center of the dining room to the kitchen but that’s okay I’ll practise every day and get a little further each time 🙂 – feed myself chicken hotdogs for breakfast, watch TV, feed myself rice and curry for lunch and tweet about my Clean Water For All Campaign –no luck –

Today while I was practising how to get around the house by myself my hands were red and my arms felt like they were about to fall off and I wanted to quit with every fibre off my being but in that moment I decided to do something I’ve never done before close my eyes and think about all the people in my life who have hurt me – my father who is ashamed of me, my mother who constantly refers to me as “sick” and my sister who says with attitude I’m sorry you ended up in a wheelchair every time I tell her that I’m having a bad day – and before I knew it I was two steps away from the kitchen feeling grateful for the fact that I didn’t quit because I realized that I was all I had. Is all the negativity that surrounds you poisoning you or nourishing you?

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if you’ve given to my cause or you can’t give now, please help me by sharing my cause with others. You can tweet about it like my friend Stan Faryna. This is the tweet he uses: @Nisha360 is a brave, smart young woman trying to make a better world for us all. Please help her do an amazing thing.

Stan’s very sweet for saying so, but feel free to write what reflects you best.

Thanks to all my friends out there who are helping me make my dream come true: to make a better world for all of us!


2 responses to “Day 252

  1. Anger and hate can fuel you, Nisha, but be careful not to become them – anger and hate. The Nazis did amazing things, for example, but history hates the Nazis and we remember them only for their crimes against humanity.

    Next time, experiment with the power of Love and see how far you get. Think of all your friends here and elsewhere standing by your side, praying for you, and cheering you on. Hear the roar of your fans like at a sports event? [smile]

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