Day 220

Bloom where you are planted… you gotta make a choice to rise above your raisin’. – Dr. Phil

It’s 8: 30 PM on day 220 of my journey towards independence and I’ve managed to brush my teeth, feed myself French fries for breakfast, watch TV and finish reading Boundary Lines – the second book in Engaging The Enemy by Nora Roberts only stopping to feed myself a bread and jam sandwich for dinner – it was a story of two people putting their family feud aside long enough to see the good qualities in each other – I know I should probably read more intellectual books but sometimes I just need to switch my brain off LOL :).

Today my sister and I were watching Ricky’s Martin’s first interview with Oprah after he came out of the closet and my mother who was watching the same thing in the sitting room barged into our room, turned off the TV and said what are you watching… this is dirty and a few minutes later I looked her in the eyes and said with conviction there is nothing wrong with being gay because thanks to Eckhart Tolle’s book A New Earth: Create A Better Life I understood that gay/lesbian people loved each other in spite of their gender and not because of it. Are you seeing life through your parents’ eyes?


6 responses to “Day 220

  1. It goes against the laws of nature, and against the Bible.

  2. Are your parents so wrong?

    • they provide for me – a fact for which I’m VERY grateful – but my father doesn’t want to be seen anywhere with me because I’m on a wheelchair.

      Yours truly,

  3. Of course God loves everybody, the Bible says that God is love. He loves the sinner but he doesn’t love the sin, that’s the difference.

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