Day 214

What I am looking for is not out there … It’s in me. – Helen Kellar

It’s 9: 07 PM on day 214 of my journey towards independence and I’ve managed to brush my teeth, email Firstgiving to see if I could pay the Firstgiving fees and credit merchant fees out of my own pocket – they usually get to keep 7.5% of whatever is raised but since I offered to pay a 100% of the donations will go towards building a well in Africa/India – I am so happy 🙂 – tweet about my Clean Water For All Campaign for a few hours – @bperreault (Bobbi) made a donation – thanks again Bobbi 🙂 – listen to music while feeding myself rice and curry for lunch – it was only the second time in my entire life that I’d eaten alone it and I remembered how lonely it felt the first time so I decided to drown the silence with some noise this time around 🙂 – go to physiotherapy – my physiotherapist is truly the salt of the Earth even though physiotherapy is not the most pleasant of experiences I actually look forward to my sessions because I know that she sees me and not my disability 🙂 – watch TV, feed myself noodles and vegetable curry for dinner, tweet about my campaign some more – no further luck – watch some more TV and continue reading Boundary Lines – the second book in Engaging The Enemy by Nora Roberts.

Today as I was half watching TV and half reading my book it occurred to me that there was no reality show about teens who make a difference which is why I am asking teenagers all over the world to submit stories of their philanthropic efforts by emailing me at the story that I find most inspirational will be featured on an upcoming section of this blog called Teen of the Week (Note: All who wish to be featured must send their submissions along with a picture of themselves before Saturday 12 : 30 PM GMT+2 from next week onwards). Are you looking for change everywhere but within yourself?


5 responses to “Day 214

  1. Live your wisdom and insights. Put them to the test. Every chance you get. It’s the only way you’ll find you.

  2. We continue to learn from your insight Nisha. Thank you.

  3. Nisha,
    I stumbled across your blog via Twitter, and you blew me away. I have been working/volunteering with and for people with disabilities for many years and what you have written about and who you have become is what I want to convey to others.

    The quote from Helen Kellar is so true! And, the little I have read on your blog, it seems to be true of you too 🙂

    You are an inspiriation to me, Nisha, as I do my best to help others see people with disabilities in a new way, by way of being able to identify with them.

    I will be following you on Twitter.

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