Day 195

Politicians are leaders come election year whereas, leaders are leaders everyday of their lives – that’s what I learned today 😦

It’s 9: 06 PM on day 195 of my journey towards independence and I’ve managed to watch  Letters to Juliet on DVD while eating pizza and garlic bread – leftovers from last night’s dinner– for breakfast   – it was completely sappy and I knew how it was going to end even before it began but I LOVED it nonetheless the less I would recommend it to all the hopeless romantics out there –  brush my teeth, tweet about my Clean Water For All Campaign – again I woke up to find that someone had made a donation to my campaign after I’d went to bed last night – thanks Rachel (@theWriteRach) for your contribution it means a LOT to me 🙂 –feed myself rice and curry for lunch, listen to music for a few hours, feed myself Chapati – an unleavened flatbread – filled with tomatoes and chilies for dinner and tweet about campaign some more – no new donations were made.    

Today I was watching the news and I heard the leader of South Africa’s official opposition party, Helen Zille say something along the lines of people should vote for the DA – Democratic Alliance – in the upcoming local government elections because it is very hard to make a difference when you’re the opposition party and not the government and in that moment I realized with great sadness that politics had become nothing more than a game because I knew firsthand that you didn’t have to be in the President’s office to make a HUGE difference.  Are your elected representatives politicians or leaders?


2 responses to “Day 195

  1. “Leaders are leaders everyday of their lives.”


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