Day 191

The media is making parenting very difficult – that’s what I learned today 😦

It’s 9: 16  PM on day 191 of my journey towards independence and I’ve managed to brush my teeth, feed myself rice and curry for lunch,  tweet about my Clean Water For All Campaign for a few hours – no luck – and watch TV.

This evening I was watching my brother watching WWE – World Wrestling Entertainment – and I realized with great sadness that the media was responsible for the increase in violence and promiscuity amongst kids having said that I would like to tell all the boys and girls out there that you don’t have to get into fights and have sex to be cool and have fun just ask my friends Sophie (@SophieBrown95 on Twitter) and Kendall –Sophie is a 16-year-old from the UK who’s raising money to raising money to build a school for village children in South-West Uganda while Kendall from the USA founded Kids Caring 4 Kids – an organization which aims to raise awareness and money for AIDS orphans and other highly venerable kids in Africa and to inspire kids to care for others in need – in 2004 at the tender age of 11. Are you parenting on autopilot or do actively seek out positive role models for your children?


2 responses to “Day 191

  1. Violence in entertainment forms a consciousness where violence becomes normal. The U.S. Marines, among other military organizations, have strong results from using shooter video games to prepare the minds and hearts of soldiers for killing the enemy (other people) in the real world. Music helps too.

    Slavoj Žižek, a Slovenian Marxist who appears from time to time on Al Jazeera, goes as far to say that you can’t have ethnic cleansing without poetry. You need to fill minds and hearts with great passion – so that they can go out and do great evil without thinking twice about what they do.

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