Day 190

The whole is more than the sum of its parts. – Aristotle

It’s 10: 31  PM on day 190 of my journey towards independence and I’ve managed to brush my teeth,  tweet about my Clean Water For All Campaign for a few hours – no luck –  feed myself rice and curry for lunch,  tweet about my campaign some more – still no luck 😦  – feed myself Chapati – an unleavened flatbread – filled with salad and mutton gravy and watch TV.

 Several people – my mother included –  have told me that I am wise beyond my years and although that this is true to a certain extent I think that they have forgotten that I am just a nineteen soon-to-be twenty-year-old girl trying to find my place in the world with that said I would like to take this moment to introduce you to all aspects of me – from my favourite music, movies and books to my greatest hopes, fears and future travel destinations  – like me or leave me I don’t mind either way 🙂

Nisha: The Human Being

I hope to:

  • Learn how to do things by myself
  • Become an author
  • Buy a house
  • Travel the world


I am afraid of:

  • Public speaking
  • Rejection
  • The possibility of having to live with my parents for the rest of my life


The Colosseum, Rome


The Big Ben, London

The Eiffel Tower, Paris


4 responses to “Day 190

  1. Thanks for sharing the things that make your heart beat a little faster.

  2. P.S. Aristotle rocks.

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