Day 186

It’s always good to remember where you come from and celebrate it. To remember where you come from is part of where you’re going. – Anthony Burgess

It’s 8: 12  PM on day 186 of my journey towards independence and I’ve managed to brush my teeth, feed myself French fries for breakfast,  tweet about my Clean Water For All Campaign for a few hours – no luck –  feed myself rice and curry for lunch, exercise for 5 minutes, tweet about my campaign some more –  @whoamitome (Juliana) who by the way has donated once before made another donation of $20 – thanks Juliana 🙂 –  and feed myself butternut for  dinner 

A couple of days ago I was watching a Cricket World Cup match held in India on TV and I suddenly felt a twinge of guilt because I saw how proud the people of India were of being Indian while I was not and to make up for that I would like to take this opportunity to bring you the best of India – from architecture to food, music, movies and celebrities – enjoy 🙂

Welcome to my motherland

Taj Mahal – Wonder of the World 

Taj Mahal, a mausoleum that was built on the southern bank of the Yamuna (Jumna) River, outside Agra in India, by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his wife, Arjumand Banu Begam (also called Mumtaz Mahal, of which the name Taj Mahal is a corruption). She died in childbirth in the town of Burhanpur in 1631, after having been the emperor’s inseparable companion since their marriage in 1612. The building was commenced around 1632 by plans prepared by a council of architects from India, Persia, Central Asia, and beyond. More than 20,000 workmen were employed daily to complete the mausoleum itself by about 1643 and the immediate adjuncts (mosques, wall and gateway) by about 1649. The entire Taj complex took 22 years to complete, at a cost of 40,000,000 rupees.

The Golden Temple, Amritsar

The Golden Temple was first built by the fifth guru, Guru Arjun Singhji, to house the Granth Sahib – the holy book of the Sikhs. It was rebuilt in 1803 by Maharaja Ranjit Singh. The temple is also known as Darbar Sahib or Hari Mandir Sahib. The temple is located in Amritsar and is the holiest place of the Sikh faith. It is built in the middle of a holy pool. The dome of the temple is covered by a gold leaf. The interior decoration consists of inlay work done with semi-precious stones in a delicate floral design.

The Akal Takht (or the immortal throne) was established near the temple by the sixth Sikh Guru, Guru Hargobind Singhji. It is the seat of the supreme head of the Sikh religious authority.

India Gate

This 42-meter high structure is located on the other end of Rajpath from the Rashtrapati. Also designed by Lutyens as a war memorial, it has the names of Indian soldiers who died in World War I inscribed on it. An eternal flame, a tribute to the Unknown Soldier, was placed under the arch in 1971.




Thin bread cooked on the griddle.  


A fancy rice casserole, often containing meat, poultry, seafood or


Crispy, crepe-like southern Indian specialty filled with potatoes or



Sachin Tendulkar

The backbone of the Indian Cricket Team.

Aishwarya Rai

Former Miss World and bollywood Actress.

Shahrukh Khan

Bollywood’s leading man.



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