Day 170

All wars are civil wars, because all men are brothers … Each one owes infinitely more to the human race than to the particular country in which he was born. – Franois de Salignac de la Mothe Fenelon

It’s 9: 15 PM on day 170 of my journey towards independence and I’ve managed to brush my teeth, feed myself  a banana for breakfast, watch TV while feeding myself a chicken polony sandwich for a snack,  tweet about my Clean Water For All Campaign for a few hours – no luck  –  feed myself rice and curry for lunch, tweet about my campaign some more – still no luck – send the priest who I mentioned yesterday another link to my campaign – he lost the one I sent him before – a few hours  later he replied back saying Hey this is wonderful what you are trying to do. If you don’t mind, can I share this with others? Let’s see how many respond. All my support and wishes for your good campaign. Best…. I am not sure how much it will help but he’s trying and in my book that counts for a LOT 🙂 –  feed myself butternut and grilled chicken for dinner, watch the Cricket World Cup match: England vs. Ireland – it was positively brilliant everybody had counted Ireland out before the second innings even started only they didn’t count on Kevin O’ Brian scoring a 100 of 50 balls which gave Ireland a 3 wicket victory over England with 5 balls to spare – well done to the Irish they played superbly just goes to show anything is possible if you believe 🙂 –  and  The Oprah Winfrey Show.

Yesterday I was watching the news and heard Noureddine Mezni – the spokesperson of the AU – say it is an African problem and we have to seek African solution. This is also an internal issue. Libyan people themselves are against external interventions. We are supporting them and strongly condemn the use of force against peaceful protestors and I thought to myself you’ve got to be kidding me ‘it is an African problem and we have to seek African solution’ crude oil prices are raising… everything that happen anywhere affects everybody else   that’s when it occurred to me that the problem with the world today is that people are so busy trying to protect their territory that they can’t see that there is truly only one territory – Earth.  Do you recuse yourself from certain situation and conversations because you feel it doesn’t affect you or ‘your people’?


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