Day 144

An idle youth becomes in age a beggar. – Latin Proverb

It’s 9: 04 PM on day 144 of my journey towards independence and I’ve managed to brush my teeth, tweet about my Clean Water For All Campaign for a few hours –   two donations were made today  – the first one was a $53.85 donation from Wayne of the Jindalee Foundation who by the way has donated to my campaign not once, but THREE times – thanks Wayne 🙂 – and the second one was a $5 donation I  made on behalf of the person who made a donation via PayPal – which brings the grand total to $58.85 – I know I don’t get any of the money and yet I am SO happy 🙂 –   exercise for 10 minutes while watching TV, hung out with my little sister – she actually turning into quite a woman I wonder if she knows how proud I am of her 🙂 –  and feed myself pizza  for dinner.

I’ve always wondered why some kids, like my sister, were straight-A students while others of the same age were drug-addicts and as I watched her sitting on the bed singing along to One Way by Hillsong United (see below) I finally figured it out – everybody wants to belong to something – chess club, debating, church, etc – and when they don’t they fall into the ‘bad crowd’ simply by default. Are you setting your kids up to be beggars in the future by not giving them enough to do in the present? 🙂      


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