Day 131

People will not look to change the suffering they do not feel – that’s what I learned today 😦

It’s 7: 14 PM on day 131 of my journey towards independence and I’ve managed to brush my teeth, feed myself bread and egg for breakfast,   email the Firstgiving team – I wanted to get my campaign extended to raise more money for The Water Project 🙂 –  email The Water Project – I couldn’t find the video links I needed for the water party I’m planning – hopefully they’ll get back to by Monday  🙂 – feed myself rice and curry  for lunch,   tweet about my Clean Water For All Campaign for a few hours –no donations were made today, but I did get listed under the environmental section of the Groovy News Network  – Thanks  Kate 🙂 –   exercise for 10 minutes and feed myself rice and curry  for dinner.

Today I asked this guy on Twitter – I won’t mention his name –   to organize a water party and donate the proceeds to my campaign and a few minutes later he replied back saying I don’t even know you and as I read that I thought to myself do you need to know someone to help them and in that moment I realized that the fundamental problem with today’s society is its inability to feel empathy. Are you able to put yourself in someone else’s shoes? 🙂


2 responses to “Day 131

  1. Nisha,
    I think many people find it hard to trust another, whether they have meet them or not, whether they have tweeted to them for a day, month or year. Organising a fundraising event for someone in another country isn’t easy. I should know, in trying to raise funds for Kids Caring 4 Kids.
    It is hard to put ones passion for a cause onto someone else, as some may be focused on causes closer to them. Don’t take his unwillingness to help your campaign the wrong way.
    People do feel empathy, they just show it in different ways.

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