Day 129

When you dismiss a child because of their age and lack of worldly experience you’re doing yourself a great disservice – that’s what I learned today.

It’s 7: 22 PM on day 129 of my journey towards independence and I’ve managed to brush my teeth,  design a poster for the fundraiser that my friends from the UK –  @sapphire100 (Emma) and @laura_FilanFan (Laura) are organizing for my campaign – I decided to  let Emma and Laura choose which one they liked best  – I’ll show it to you after I send to them and find out which one we’re going to use – either way it’s going to be a great poster: ) tweet about my Clean Water For All Campaign for a few hours –  no donations were made today either I don’t know how people sleep well at night knowing that 1 billion people suffer needlessly without clean water everyday 😦 – and  exercise for 10 minutes.

Today my brother opted to stay home from school – it was Athletics Day and my parents knew that they wouldn’t be back in time from work to pick him up from the stadium – so in order to him occupied and out of trouble I asked him to give me some fundraising ideas for my campaign and at first I was just nodding at the appropriate times but then as time went on I began to listen, really listen to what he had to say and to my surprise he had some brilliant and times grandiose ideas – the one I liked the most though was selling t-shirts with The Water Project’s logo on it at our church and when I asked him what was in it for the church he replied we’ll give them 10% of the proceeds and in moment I realized that I was guilty of doing to him what others did to me – defining him by his label. Do you give the children in your life the respect they deserve? 🙂


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