Day 123

Doing little things well is a step toward doing big things better – Harry F. Banks.

It’s 7: 15 PM on day 123 of my journey towards independence and I’ve managed to brush my teeth, feed myself myself Dosa –   fermented crepe or pancake made from rice flour and black lentils – and Sambar  – a vegetable stew or chowder based on a broth made with tamarind and toor dal  –   for breakfast, listen to music  – Ready, set, don’t go by Billy Ray Cyrus is really good if you haven’t heard it yet you should go listen to it  – feed myself rice and curry  for lunch,  tweet about my Clean Water For All Campaign for a few hours – just when I was beginning to think that what I did didn’t make a difference in the grand scheme of things I noticed a $21 donation from a guy I barely knew just goes to that it only takes 5 seconds to turn an awful day into a great one 🙂  –  exercise for 10 minutes, watch TV  and feed myself  bun and chicken nuggets for dinner.

This morning, as I sat at the dining room table staring out at the trees through the window I made a resolution not to see everybody I encountered as potential donors to my campaign but rather as living, breathing human beings who just wanted to be seen and to my surprise the way people interacted with me changed almost instantaneously and  although it took me a lot longer than usual to get the donation I learned an invaluable lesson – no one likes feel as though they are just a means to an end. When you do something do you focus on the process or the outcome? 🙂


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