Day 112

You can die years before your heart stops beating – that’s what I figured out today 😦

It’s 8: 40 PM on day 112 of my journey towards independence and I’ve managed to brush my teeth,  research college writing  courses – I am thinking about enrolling for a ‘Write A Novel’ course with the SA Writers’  College – an online college that offers a variety of writing courses –   feed myself Custard for brunch, , wheel myself  from the centre of the sitting room to its door  – I originally indented to wheel myself to my bedroom but after 15 minutes of attempting to get myself unstuck from the doorway I finally gave up and asked my mother to wheel me to my bedroom 😦 – go and  visit my cousins – this place is never going to me the same – all of them are going to college –  feed myself a KFC Twister – a  wrap consisting of chicken strips, salad and sweet-chili sauce – and exercise for 10 minutes

This morning as I watched my grandma cry over the fact that my father had accused her of bed-wetting I realized that the woman sitting in front of me was just a mere shell of the woman that my grandma used to be and that just made me want to drop to my knees and cry 😦  Have you ever witnessed the systematic destruction of another human being? 😦


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