Day 104

There must be a positive and negative in everything in the universe in order to complete a circuit or circle, without which there would be no activity, no motion” – John McDonald.

It’s 11: 32 PM on day 104 of my journey towards independence and I’ve managed to brush my teeth, feed myself Batura – deep fried bread –   and vegetable curry  for  breakfast,  tweet about my Clean Water For All Campaign for a few minutes –raised $30 today – I am SO happy 🙂 – learn Biology – I never knew why some twins were fraternal and others were identical but now I do 🙂 –    feed myself rice and curry for lunch and  exercise for 15 minutes  – it was so funny you know how usually it’s the people who are exercising who say are we done yet well today the roles were a little reversed and my mom was the one saying it  – that will show her to tell me to exercise LOL 🙂       

Today as I was reading an article on The Jonas Brothers (see below) I realized that not all celebrities drink, smoke and do drugs which and that realization made my heart smile because now I for certain that I wasn’t the only person in the world with ‘old fashioned’ values.

The Jonas Brothers all practice abstinence and wear purity rings to prove it. Here’s a snippet from the very lengthy article on the JoBros featured in Details Magazine:

“On a quiet Friday morning in a dressing room at Madison Square Garden, the Jonas Brothers hold out their hands to show off their purity rings. Kevin, Joe, and Nick Jonas—the teen-pop trio who stand, at this very moment, on the brink of hugeness—wear the metal bands on their fingers to symbolize, as Joe puts it, ‘promises to ourselves and to God that we’ll stay pure till marriage.’ Joe is 18. His ring is silver and adorned with a cross. ‘It actually ripped apart a little bit, just on the bottom, here, but I didn’t want to get a new one, because this one means so much to me,’ he says. Nick, who is 15, says, ‘I got mine made at Disney World. It’s pretty awesome.’ Kevin, at 20, is the oldest of the three, and while a punk-rock purity ring from Tiffany might represent the ultimate oxymoron, that’s exactly what he’s going for. His silver vow of abstinence is covered with studs. ‘It’s pretty rock and roll,’ Kevin says. ‘It’s getting banged up a little bit because of the guitar.’”


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