Day 79

Everybody is HIV positive until proven otherwise – Unknown.  

It’s 7: 40 PM on day 79 of my journey towards independence and I’ve managed to brush my teeth, feed myself Oats for breakfast,  created a Jango account – I really recommend that website if your a music lover – it allows you to create radio station and only plays songs by your favourite artists –    learn how to calculate Separable Differentials – it was so easy hopefully I’ll finish the chapter by tomorrow  🙂 –      feed myself  rice and curry for lunch     and exercise for 30 minutes – my legs where so still today that they would go straight no matter how hard my mother pressed on them – no two days are the same I suppose hopefully tomorrow my legs will be a lot more cooperative 🙂  

Approximately 5.7 million people in South Africa are living with HIV and although the rate of new infections has dropped there are still new diagnoses being made every day and today being World Aids Day I would like to make two things VERY clear – firstly, you CANNOT contract HIV through touching, hugging or kissing and secondly NOBODY who chooses to have unprotected sex is immune from contracting HIV – black, white or blue HIV does not discriminate. Do you know your status? 🙂


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