Day 74

Knowledge is power – Sir Francis Bacon.

It’s 6: 31 PM on day 74 of my journey towards independence and I’ve managed to brush my teeth, feed myself a Banana for breakfast,    memorize the common formulae in my notes – I think I’ve got it down pat 🙂 –     feed myself rice and curry for lunch, practised wheeling myself around the house – today I got to The sitting room and tomorrow I’ll get a little further and pretty soon I’ll be able to wheel myself everywhere without any assistance  I just KNOW it 🙂 – and went to physiotherapy – I LOVE my physiotherapist I feel like she’s the only person on the  planet who sees me for my soul rather than my body – I remember once my mother said to someone  this is Nisha my sick daughter and my jaw dropped to the floor – literally LOL 🙂

Today morning I took the plunge and had my blood sugar levels tested not because I exhibited any of the symptoms but because I felt like I should know what was going on with my own body and I’m happy to report that my blood sugar level was 5 – 4 to 8 is the normal range – after I took the test which took less than 20 seconds out of my day I felt a great sense of relief and with that said I would like to ask all of you to get your blood sugar tested either at home – you can buy a portable blood sugar monitor at your local pharmacy – or you can ask your doctor to run a simple blood test because at the end of the day what you don’t know can KILL you.  Will you follow in my footsteps and get your blood sugar levels tested? 🙂


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