Day 73

First time victim second time volunteer – Gavin de Becker.

It’s 7: 12 PM on day 73 of my journey towards independence and I’ve managed to brush my teeth, feed myself Oats for breakfast,    learn how to calculate Definite Integrals using Trigonometric Identities – trust me it was as boring as it sounds LOL 🙂 –    feed myself rice and curry for lunch, and exercise for 10  minutes – I was crying the whole time thinking about the fact that my family won’t take me to  India for my cousin’s wedding just because I’m on a wheelchair – I’ve really tried to get over it I really have but I’ve pictured being at my cousin’s wedding ever since I was five 😦

Today as I was staring at the lavender outside our dining room window it occurred to me that the only reason my father was able to hurt me was because I allowed him to by waking up every day and hoping that today would be the day that he finally realized the error of his ways and came to apologize but now I realize that that day may never come and as hard as it for me I’ve made my peace with it. Are you allowing someone you love to hurt you? 🙂


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