Day 70

Heaven knows we need never be ashamed of our tears, for they are rain upon the blinding dust of earth, overlying our hard hearts.  ~Charles Dickens ~

It’s 6: 41 PM on day 70 of my journey towards independence and I’ve managed to brush my teeth, feed myself Oats  for breakfast, learn define Integrals – if I never see the letters ex again it will be to soon LOL 🙂  –    feed myself rice and curry for lunch, practise using my right-hand by clicking the ‘Follow’ button on Twitter – it took me about 15 minutes to click ‘Follow’ 37 times if I had done it using my left-hand it would only have taken 5 minutes but hey the point is I stuck it out and resisted the urge to use my left-hand 🙂 – and exercise for 10 minutes

Today I was in the bathroom doing my own thing when it occurred to me that people are judged by what they can’t do rather then what they are doing and that realization just made me cry because when people first meet me all they see is my wheelchair and the fact that I cannot walk. Do you sometimes spend time in the bathroom crying over your situation even through you might be powerless to change it?


2 responses to “Day 70

  1. We all find ourselves in the bathroom crying at some point. The main thing is to know in your heart how far you have come and how far you intend to go. Never give up girl. You are doing so well. Lots of love xx

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