Day 69

If God is for us, who can be against us? (Romans 8:31)

It’s  6: 27 PM on day 69 of my journey towards independence and I’ve managed to brush my teeth, feed myself Rice Puttu – [pronounced put] steamed rice flour and coconut mixture –  and bananas  for breakfast – my uncle aunty came for the weekend to invite us to our cousin’s wedding and before they left they left me a $43 donation – I made the donation using my dad’s credit card and replaced the money immediately because I hate feeling indebted to ANYBODY –   go  to the Indian Expo – there was every Indian product known to man in there but I didn’t enjoy the experience  much because I just kept remembering what my father had said to me just a few moments prior I don’t want to go with you to  which I responded you don’t have to be seen with us you can walk in the opposite direction  – he ended up sitting in the car half the time we were in there and come in right when we about to leave 😦 –   practise wheeling myself in the isle of a shoe store –         feed myself barbecued chicken at my cousin’s 21st birthday  for lunch and exercise for 30 minutes – the hamstrings in my right leg  hurt 😦

I was lying on my bed this morning remembering all the things I’ve been though in my life – back surgery, depression, a father who is ashamed of me because of disability, etc – and I thought to myself after everything I’ve been through nothing and nobody can break me – not my father, not my mother NOBODY so to all the people   who attempt   to do so on a daily bases I have two words for you – BRING IT!!  🙂  



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