Day 68

Patronizing – treating somebody as if he or she is less intelligent or knowledgeable than you.

It’s 5: 27 PM on day 68 of my journey towards independence and I’ve managed to brush my teeth, feed myself Toast and Mango Achar – picked mangos –  for breakfast, agreed to build a website for Quantae – someone   I met on Twitter –  because I believe helping people is NEVER a waste of time 🙂 –   feed myself rice and curry for lunch and exercise for 20 minutes –my abs are still burning the upside to having Cerebral Palsy is that nine times out of ten you will probably be fitter than anyone else in the house LOL 🙂

Yesterday we – my family and I – attended a farewell party thrown in honour of a family in our community who are moving to Australia next year and  my sister asked a woman who was walking past us “Aunty do you need any help serving people” and the woman replied “ I could really use some help but if you come with me your sister will be all alone” and as I was listening to them talk about me like I wasn’t even there I couldn’t help thinking how dare you patronize me in this way you don’t how hard I try to change the world whilst still dealing with the challenges in my own life but I smiled pleasantly and kept my thoughts to myself because I knew that saying what I was thinking wouldn’t reflect well on me. Have the words of somebody else ever made you feel complexly and totally useless?


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