Day 61

Never waste a good crisis – Rahm Emanuel.

It’s 7: 47 PM on day 61 of my journey towards independence and I’ve managed to brush my teeth, feed myself a banana for breakfast – it took me 15 minutes to pry it open with my fingernails and when I finally did it I couldn’t help thinking it must be abnormal to get this excited over being able to open a banana – went to the Hemingways Mall with my family – the whole time I was there I couldn’t help thinking that this trip to the mall was consolation for my parents refusing  to take  me to India and that really bothered me 😦  –  feed myself  rice and curry  for lunch, drink water from a glass – I usually drank stuff out of a coffee mug because it was much easier for me to hold a coffee mug than it was to hold glass  – transferred myself from the wheelchair to the bed – I had to hold onto my sister’s hand and I nearly fall on my backside but in the end I did it and for that reason I will ALWAYS be proud if me 🙂 and feed myself pasta covered in cheese sauce for dinner.

Mistakes are a natural part of life but today when my brother accidently closed the blog post I was working on without saving it first I realized that there is a lesson to be learned from every mistake – in my case it was ALWAYS save your work. What are some of the greatest lessons that you’ve learned from your mistakes? 🙂


2 responses to “Day 61

  1. You are an inspiration – honest with a lot of courage, strength and generosity. I loved the quote at the start of your entry and your observations about mistakes – we wouldn’t learn anything about ourselves without them.

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