Day 53

A good person is nice to everyone they meet while a great person goes out of their way to make the powerless among us – the young, the sick and the elderly – feel a little less invisible. Ask yourself am I a  good person or a  great one 🙂     

It’s 6: 42 PM on day 53 of my journey towards independence and I’ve managed to brush my teeth, feed myself Oats  for breakfast, learn  how to make tables on a HTML website  – I  was SO happy when I finally got it right  –    feed myself rice and curry for lunch,  wheel myself  to the entrance of the sitting room – it stills bugs me that my mom has to help over the threshold of the sitting room because there’s a ramp there’s a ramp there although I was pretty please about the fact that I did the 180° turn to turn the wheelchair towards the ramp  and cut little shapes out of paper – I didn’t  exactly cut out the perfect triangle but I didn’t do too badly considering  that it was first time in my nineteen-year life using a scissor – I LOVE my life how many people can say that they do something new every day 🙂

Today as I looked at my grandma I realized that every life has three phases: phase 1: childhood – where human beings come into the world with an essence of God – phase 2: adulthood – where people misplace the essence of God that they possessed at birth – phase 3: ‘second adulthood’ – where we come full circle and find the essence of God that we’d once misplaced.  Which phase of life are you in? 🙂


2 responses to “Day 53

  1. Endearing words and a sweet reminder. Thank you for being such a great presence in this world love!

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