Day 45

“Change is the only constant” –   Proverb.  Growing up I didn’t really see the need for change but now I understand that without change the wheel of life would stop spinning 🙂

It’s 6: 45 PM on day 45 of my journey towards independence and I’ve managed to brush my teeth, feed myself All- Bran Flakes for breakfast, learn Trigonometric Identities – all the things I learned today are now committed to my memory – and exercised for thirty – I hated every second of it but you know what I made a decision not to complain because even with all my challenges I still had a great life 🙂

Yesterday as I watching my grandma watching me I couldn’t help but shed a tear because the woman who had once put a red chilli on my tongue for calling her stupid could now barely remember my name  – I miss my grandma of old 😦


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