Day 43

You create what you fear – Dr. Phil C. McGraw.

It’s 4: 40 PM on day 43 of my journey towards independence and I’ve managed to brush my teeth, feed myself All-Bran Flakes breakfast, watch a few YouTube Math videos – if your kids need homework help  you should tell them to watch Khan Academy videos I HIGHLY recommend it because these videos cover a broad range of  subjects that your kids encounter in school – feed myself rice and curry  for lunch, write my name on a piece of paper FOURTEEN times – my letter formation is great although I can’t seem to get all the letters on the same line – and exercise for two hours – I pushed through my discomfort and did the exercises because I knew that it was a necessary evil 🙂

 today as I was eating lunch I thought to myself I wonder if I will still be dependent on   my parents twenty years from now and I was suddenly paralyzed by this indescribable  fear and in that moment I  realized that I had to stop living  in fear and start living in faith. Are you living in fear or faith? 🙂


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