Day 38

People say I’m inspiring and you know what maybe they’re right but what I don’t think people understand is that inspiring people are just paying forward the inspiration that they themselves have received from someone else – it’s like a never-ending chain 🙂

It’s 4:35 PM on day 38 of my journey towards and I’ve managed to brush my teeth, feed myself Oats for breakfast, wheel myself almost into the kitchen – while I was doing it I couldn’t help thinking God dammit why do I have to try so hard just then I remembered that there were children out there who were dying of starvation, thirst and terminal illnesses and I was back to my positive self once again 🙂 – do five minutes of exercise – as my physiotherapist would say five minutes is better than nothing – feed myself rice and curry and pick up a handkerchief with my right-hand – I wonder how many of you pick up a handkerchief with you right-hand with giving a second thought 🙂

Today I googled ‘cerebral palsy blogs’ to find out if there were any blogs similar to mine floating around in cyberspace – I didn’t find any that had been updated recently – but I did come across a video created by someone named Tom Rogers – he’s a student /gadget expert who keeps people up to date with the latest in electronics trough YouTube. Tom posted a video explaining that he had cerebral palsy because he was sick of people posting rude comments about the lack of clarity in his speech and as I was watching the video I couldn’t help but be inspired by his unwillingness to let what other people say  define who he is 🙂

Watch Video


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