Day 32

Someone once said that what you say about your life becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy and although I was too young and naive to recognize the truth in that statement when I heard it I now realize that truer words have never been spoken.       

It’s 4:47 PM on Day 32 my journey towards independence and I‘ve had breakfast – All-Bran Flakes – and lunch – rice and curry – after which I went to my physiotherapist’s appointment – I go every two weeks on Friday to keep my hamstrings stretched – where I preceded to get a lecture from her about how blogging is not a really job and about how I should go to college next year I know she means well and I don’t  underestimate the value of a college education – I really don’t –  but I also don’t think that she understands that I feel  this intense pull  towards something that is greater than my own life – it’s like whatever is pulling me is the north pole of a magnet and I am the south 🙂    

Today was the first time in my entire life that I felt anger towards my mother – she came home early from work and was combing my hair when she said something along the lines of I have nobody and nothing and  I couldn’t hold back the disgust in my voice when I said you can walk, talk, hear and see and still you say you have nothing and nobody how do you expect God to give you what you want when you don’t even appreciate what you have and although  what I said might have been a little harsh I had to make her take it back because I knew from personal experience that people had the power to manifest their thoughts.   


2 responses to “Day 32

  1. Great Post!

    Hope your day goes well

    ❤ Kel

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