Day 26

Everybody has a different experience of life that’s what I realized when I was listening to my cousin – who is younger than me – talk about what college he was going to next year – he knew where he was going to be in the next four years while I didn’t even know where I was going to be in the next four minutes – just for a second I felt a twinge of jealousy before it dawned on me that I do things everyday that most people could only dream of 🙂

It’s 3: 54 PM on day 26 of my journey towards independence and even though I’m EXTREMELY pleased with my progress I feel stuck – like I’m not moving forward quick enough – anyway enough of depressing talk today I’ve managed to:

  • Feed myself Whole-Grain bread and eggs for breakfast – good and good for you 🙂
  • Feed myself Rice & Curry for lunch – eliminating rice from diet is proving to be impossible because rice is an integral part of Indian cuisine.
  • Do thirty minutes worth of hamstring stretches – stretching one’s hamstrings is uncomfortable at most for most people but for a person like me who isn’t used to moving much it is an EXCRUTIATING experience that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.

All my life I felt like I didn’t measure up because I wasn’t good enough but today as I’m typing this I have come to the conclusion that I can never measure up to anyone else because there is no one else like me 🙂


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