Day 21

Today was the first day school since spring-break – I’m home-schooled – I’m wiped but hey at least I have an opportunity to learn – sadly not every child can say that.  Can you imagine what you life would be like if you couldn’t read?    

It’s 5:10 PM on day 21 of my journey towards independence I’ve got up at 6 AM and fed myself a big bowl of All-Bran Flakes before proceeding to study, did a few hamstring stretches as per Gerda – my physiotherapist’s instruction – fed my rice and curry for lunch – it’s tradition for Indians to eat rice and curry everyday for lunch – practised picking up coins off the table with my right-hand as per the suggestion of a website – it was so much harder than I thought it would be so today I just settled for holding the coin in the middle of my palm while balling my fist.

Although the lessons I learned from my textbook today were invaluable the most important lesson I learned today did not come out of textbook but rather while I was trying to open my lunchbox – it was the middle of the day and I was craving a snack so I reached for the lunchbox my mother left on the right-hand-side of my laptop in the lunchbox was a piece of chocolate cake so there I was holding the lunchbox with my right-hand and taking the lid off with my left and the moment I lifted the piece of cake to my mouth most of it crumbled on my t-shirt I was just about to lose it when it dawned on me that even though everything was a mess I was still okay – I must be the only person on the planet who can turn spilling chocolate cake on my t-shirt into a spiritual experience LOL 🙂


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