Day 20

As we go through life we learn many things we learn how to add, subtract, read and write but I believe that there is one thing that we are not taught that we should be taught – how to hope 🙂

It’s 2:03 PM on day 20 of my journey towards independence and my muscles are so sore – they always are when it’s cold out – anyway enough of my whining today I’ve managed to:

  • Feed myself Oats for breakfast
  • Do my finger exercises (must remember to ask my dad to buy clay or play dough or something I’m tired of doing the same exercise day-in and day-out even though there is noticeable improvement in the movement and flexibility of my right-arm and hand – I am SO proud of me because I don’t quit even when I feel like my arm is being ripped out of its socket.
  • Feed myself Rice & Curry – you guys should try South Indian food – it’s awesome J

I know from personal experience that hope is the first step towards change so don’t be afraid to hope because you never know which one of your hopes might change the world 🙂


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