Day 19

The first thing I say when I wake up is thank you God for giving me another opportunity to make a difference  and then I ask myself how can I be of service today – it’s worked great for me thus far 🙂  

It’s 2:47 PM on day 19 of my journey towards independence I ate sweet potato and plain yoghurt with chillies and onions  for breakfast – at first I thought it would just be better if I ate it with my hands which worked fantastically until the yoghurt started dripping all over my clothes that was when I decided to just do it the simple way and eat it with a spoon – wheeled myself to the sitting room – it is true what they say practice does make perfect because today it only took me only attempt to wheel myself to the sitting room whereas before it took me several – ate curry and rice for lunch – thankfully feed myself lunch was as difficult as feed myself breakfast   –  exercised my fingered using my trusty rubber band – I did the exercise thirty minutes ago  and I can still feel the burn under my right-wrist.

Some people live to make money, some people live for adventure while I on the other hand live for the fullness of soul I get after I give. What do you live for? 🙂


2 responses to “Day 19

  1. What do I live for…sharing joy with others! Love the food for thought!! Warmth & Joy!

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