Day 18

A couple of weeks ago someone approached me about reviewing her book on my blog and even though I knew that I was perfectly within my right to decline as I went to the comment section of my blog to decline her offer I just couldn’t bring myself to type the two letter word that I believe every woman should befriend – no. Am I the only one who has ever felt this way or is this an affliction that all women suffer from? 🙂

It’s 5: 11 PM on day 18 of my journey and I’ve fed myself an egg from breakfast – spilled egg yolk on my shirt and so I had to get changed moments after I took a bath I think my mother is regretting the fact that she didn’t teach me to take care of myself when I was younger – I skipped lunch because I had snacks in between, did an hour of exercise on my right-hand – the same exercise that I yesterday – and I endured thirty minutes of growling physiotherapy at the hands of Gerda – my ever so hardworking  physiotherapist.

Today was a wake-up call for me Gerda told me that if I refused to do my exercises daily I would eventually have to have surgery to lengthen my hamstrings and in that moment I realized that I was too busy changing the world that I inadvertently neglected to take care of me –that ends today I’m going to exercise every single day even if I only get to sleep for six hours a day 🙂


2 responses to “Day 18

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