Day 17

Yesterday I realized that every experience I’m going through is an experience that I’m supposed to go through to become the person that God envisioned me to be – everything ends up in divine order in spite of all the stupid things we do 🙂  

It’s 3:55 PM on Day 17 of my journey towards independence and I’ve fed myself baked beans and bread for breakfast and rice and rice and curry for lunch after which I googled ‘improve motor skills’ all of the tips were good and I will use them all in the coming days but there was one that I did use today – use rubber bands to exercise your fingers. For example, place your affected hand on a table and loop a rubber band around one of your fingers. With your unaffected hand, pull the rubber band up and down to exercise the affected finger – I did that exercise for the four and one thumb on my right-hand and I was amazed at the fact that after just thirty minutes of exercise I could ball my right-hand into a fist – something I’ve struggled to do my entire life.

My twenty-six -year-old cousin asked me a couple of weeks ago “do you ever  feel sorry for yourself” and my reply was  “you have two choices in life when something happens to you, you can either sit back and feel sorry for yourself or you can rise above it and inspire others in the process”  because let’s face it I didn’t deserve to have Cerebral Palsy any more than any of you do but if I can somehow make people realize that having a disability doesn’t make someone any less human then all the struggles I face on a daily bases would not be for nothing 🙂


2 responses to “Day 17

  1. You inspire me to share more, do more and become more each day I am blessed to live. Thank you! In love & joy, Leticia

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