Day 12

Nobody is born great but if you’re true to yourself you will eventually uncover your greatness as you go through life – everyday I live I aim to uncover a bit more of my greatness. Be conscious of your aim in life because intention is indeed everything when you’re trying to be the best version of who you are.

It’s 5:36 PM on day 12 on my journey towards independence I ate breakfast by myself but my mom had to feed me lunch because we were at my aunt’s house and she was afraid I would make a big mess so I let her have her way just this once after which I got home and managed to wheel myself 4 metres from the dining room to the corridor – it’s not like I won a wheelchair racing competition but I couldn’t be prouder of myself 🙂

Today is the first time in my entire life that I remember feeling angry at the fact that I have to try so hard to do every little thing but then I realized that if I didn’t have to try so hard I probably wouldn’t appreciate the things I can do so much which is why my first question to everyone I meet is what are you grateful for today.


One response to “Day 12

  1. GREAT JOB Nisha ! I hope you keep all these journal pages together, cuz YOU can write a VERY inspiring book for others dear ! I would LOVE to buy the first copy my friend !

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