Day 11

Yesterday as I was wheeling myself to the sitting room I figured out that to be great at something you have to do it every day. “Excellence is not an act but a habit. The things you do the most are the things you will do best.” (Marva Collins)

It’s 7:02 PM on day 11 of my journey towards independence – it was my sister’s sweet 16 so I went to watch a movie – The Last Airbender –  with her and 4 of her friends – which suffice to say put my quest for independence on hold for a day but I did manage to eat breakfast by myself and wheel myself to the centre of the sitting room which is something I guess.

As I was watching my sister joking around and laughing with her friends my eyes filled with tears because in that moment I realized that I loved her even before she was born. Have you ever felt that way about somebody? 🙂


2 responses to “Day 11

  1. Dear Nisha,
    I just took time out to catch up with your blogs again.
    I’m always so happy when I do that.
    You are a true inspiration to everyone!
    Love to you,

    • I am so happy you’re happy when you read my blog that’s the greatest compliment I’ve ever recieved 🙂 Just remember: Nobody is exempt from being inspirational 🙂

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