Day 9

Yesterday I felt like I couldn’t get anything right no matter how hard I tried and today I feel I could conquer the world it just goes to show that nothing in life remains constant.

It’s 3:25 PM on day 9 of my journey towards independence – the sun is shining and the birds – and I already managed to:

  • Feed myself All-Bran Flakes for breakfast
  • Peel and eat a banana (which is something I’ve never done before and as a result I made a bit of a mess of it)
  • Wheel myself all the way to the sitting room (it only required one attempt on my part today which is something I’m VERY proud of)
  • Feed myself Rice & Curry for lunch

People always called me disabled and until today I just let it is slide because I thought being in a wheelchair made me disabled but today I realized that the word disabled only applies to people who cannot see their own abilities. I’m not disabled, are you? 🙂


3 responses to “Day 9

  1. Congratulations on your realization of ability …I consider myself handicapable so I completely relate. 🙂 enjoy this journey including the messes because the messes add the color to the challenges of living our lives…and they can be fun.

  2. Well done Nisha. Many people never realize the extent of their abilities. I agree with Amy about the messes!

  3. Good job Nisha !! You give SO many of us an appreciation for the things that WE can still do YAY !!

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