Day 8

I am not discouraged, because every wrong attempt discarded is another step forward. (Thomas Edison). I wonder what would have happened if Thomas Edison had given up on his dream of inventing the light bulb after his first failed attempt – we would probably need to use candles in the evening to keep from being plunged into total darkness.

It’s 2:13 PM on day 8 of my journey towards independence and I finished eating lunch by myself   about 30 minutes ago – I’m so proud of myself – and after 4 failed attempts and 2 near falls I finally got it right – my mom suggested that I should start by pushing myself on level ground before I start doing it on ramps and now that I’ve had some time to think about I realize that she was  right – don’t tell her I said that she will never let me forget it LOL 🙂

Over the past couple of days all of you have told me that I am inspirational which has prompted me to think about what the word inspirational really means and I have discovered something that I feel obliged to share – an inspirational person is anyone who makes you want to be a better you by virtue of their words or deeds and with that said I believe that no one is exempt from being inspirational.


One response to “Day 8

  1. Nisha, you can be so proud! I can only try to imagine what it must feel like to learn all these things. You have alot of courage and I know you will eventually ‘stand on your own two legs’.

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