Day 7

It’s been a week since I started this journey and I have experienced every emotion known to man while accomplishing the following tasks:

  •  Signing my name on a document (need a little more practise)
  • Typing with both hands (need a little more practise)
  •  Eating and drinking  by myself 

It’s 5:19 PM on day 7 of my journey towards independence and I’ve already eaten breakfast and lunch and even though I couldn’t wheel myself past the threshold of the sitting room today – I was so disappointed – I will still consider this day a success because I did my level best to better myself 🙂     

 I am filled with pride at the 3 tasks I have been able to accomplish so far and look forward to accomplishing the 7 remaining tasks on my list which are as follows:

  • To push myself around on my wheelchair (this task is proving more difficult to accomplish than expected so please bear with me)
  • To get in and out of bed by myself
  • To go to the bathroom by myself
  • To bathe myself
  • To undress and redress myself
  • To brush my teeth

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