Day 6

What’s the difference between success and failure? I wish I could come up with a profound answer to that question but I believe that the only thing that separates someone from success or failure is a willingness to persevere.

It’s 1: 54 PM on day 6 of my journey towards independence and I’ve already eaten my breakfast and lunch and managed to wheel myself close to the TV – which is way further than I’d gotten yesterday – I had to ask my mother to push me back to my start point because my first attempt wasn’t all that successful and by the time I had completed the task successfully – the second time around – my hands were so red and sore that I thought I was bleeding.

All of us have challenges in life but the extraordinary among us use their challenges to inspire greatness in others. You can either be ordinary or extraordinary – the choice is totally up to you.


2 responses to “Day 6

  1. Well done x keep going x

  2. Everyday I want to become better and stronger than the me of yesterday. #quote
    You can do it!

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