Day 4

Yesterday while I was learn to type with both hands I came to the conclusion that the reason my previous attempts independence failed was because I hadn’t made the decision to change my life – once you make the decision you’ll be amazed at how quickly your life changes.

It’s 2:39 PM on day 4 of my journey towards independence I’ve already had breakfast and lunch and I’ve managed to wheel myself from the dining room to the sitting room of my house and even through it took me close to 2 hours to do it once I crossed the threshold of the sitting room I knew that there was nothing I couldn’t achieve as long as God was with me – as I believe he was today.

If you had told me 2 weeks ago that I would be feeding myself, learning how to write my name with a pencil, typing with both hands or pushing myself on the wheelchair I would have said that that’s impossible but now I realize that something is only impossible until it is done and so I’m asking you to follow in my footsteps and do the impossible every day.


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