Day 2

Yesterday was the day of my rebirth because I finally understood that history only starts becoming history once you stop reliving it every day – yesterday I chose to change my story and in doing so create a new history and because of that I went from being an utterly helpless disabled girl to being a girl who can now eat breakfast, lunch and dinner all by herself  – what a difference 2 days make 🙂

It’s 10:05 AM on day 2 of my journey towards independence and I’ve already eaten my All-Bran Flakes – good for the digestive system – and learned how to write my name on a piece of paper – which was another thing on my list –I wrote my name and initials and even through it took a couple of tries before I was finally satisfied  with the result I cried – literally –   when I saw it because being able to write your name is like saying to the world this is who I am.

It’s only the second of my journey and I have already learned something that I will carry with me forever – I may spill cereal all over my white t-shirt or have to rub out my name a few times before I get it right but I will eventually get it right and that’s what I want you to know – you will get it right eventually – whatever the it happens to be for you.


One response to “Day 2

  1. Well done on day 2 of your journey 🙂

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