It’s never too late to change

Everybody has something in their lives that they would like to change –  weight, smoking, ect – and I am no different this morning I woke up with dread – as I do every morning knowing that I would probably need someone’s help to do the simplest of things that most people take for granted – going to the bathroom without having to wake-up the whole house or changing in and out of clothes by myself – and it was in that moment that I realized that it was just easier for me to just keep going in the direction that I was already headed in rather than to take a U-turn and change the course of my entire life and so I decided that I was going to make a very specific list of all the things I wanted to be able to do a year from now – I’m not naive I know that  it might very well take me longer than a year to do all these things –  but I believe that to reach your goals you have to set a time so here goes:

  • To push myself around on my wheelchair
  • To get in and out of bed by myself
  • To go to the bathroom by myself
  • To bathe myself
  • To undress and redress myself
  • To brush my teeth
  • To sign my name on a document (I never write anything out I always use a computer/laptop)
  • To type with both hands (right now I can use only my left which can be a little annoying when you want to type something out quickly)
  • To eat and drink by myself (when we are at home I usually eat finger-foods or my mom feeds me – why makes me completely useless but I’ve learned to stuff down that feeling and be grateful that my mom is willing to do it –  but it becomes almost unbearable when we go to a restaurant and I have to sit next to my mom and all the aunties just so I can get fed while all the other people my age are sitting at the opposite end of the table  

You may be able to do the things on my list with ease but, I know that are things in your life that you would like to change but don’t because perhaps you’ve tried and ‘failed’ before – well join the club – I believe that failure is an event and that once you succeed you will no longer be a failure and although I never once considered myself to be a failure I do believe that I still have a long way to go before I can safely say that I am the best me that I possibly can be and all I’m asking is that after reading this you ask yourself what’s holding me back from being the best I can possibly be and then take steps to change it.


5 responses to “It’s never too late to change

  1. many things on list are simple but the whole idea lies in last paragraph.. I was able to ask myself what right i m not doing to fullfil my needs and now that i have a question i know i will find out the answer as well. Thanx 4 the blog….. I liked it,, thumbs up……

  2. Firstly i would like to say that i have no doubt in my mind what so ever, that YOU CAN & WILL ACHIEVE ALL OFF THE THINGS on your list!! Whenever i have read your blog, or spoken with you on twitter Nisha, i never would have guessed that you needed so much support with daily activities such as the ones mentioned above!! Nisha, you may feel that you’re not physically strong or able, but you are one of the most mentally strong people i’v ever met, and the power of the mind is far greater than any physical ability! With such a strong mental attitude & enough determination YOU WILL achieve your goals!! Just take each day as it comes & i belive that you’ll start to see changes (even if small at first) sooner than you thought! Just because you’re in a wheelchair it dosn’t mean you can’t achieve what some may think is impossible!! If anyone has the the positive mental strenght to achieve their goals its YOU Nisha!! I for one wish you all the luck in the world for this exciting journey you’ll be going through & i’m so grateful that i met you & that i’ll be around to hear how the story ends!! I know it will have a HAPPY ending!! Lot’s of Love to you Nisha!! May all your dreams come true 🙂 XOXO

  3. Good luck with all your goals, I know you will do it. The only failure in life is to not try, so as long as you give everything your best, you are a success. Well done you x

  4. Good for you Nisha ! Am SO very proud of you dear ! YOU give SO many of us confidence to believe in ourselves and that WE too can make a change even if it’s something small to another it’s HUGE for us ! My hat’s off to you kiddo keep up the good work !
    All my love !

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