March 5th 2010

I’ve often been quoted by my family and friends as saying that you are what you do and not what you say and that became a quote that I lived by since March 5th 2010 because that was the day I stopped complaining about all that was wrong with the world and started becoming a part of the solution.

As many of you know by now I started my Clean Water for All Campaign on 5th March 2010 – which would make today its six month anniversary. At the beginning of my campaign I thought that the most gratifying part of my campaign would be raising money for The Water Project, Inc – my favourite NGO – but I was dead wrong – the most gratifying part of my campaign is inspiring people to be greater than they think they are – I met a woman on Twitter (I won’t reveal her identity) who told me that she was so inspired by my story that she was going to quit her job in sales to start her own charity – words cannot express the pride I felt in that moment.

Everyday is like an empty page of a book waiting to be filled with joy, wisdom and love and even though not everyday can be March 5th 2010 you can turn an ordinary day into an extraordinary one by doing something for someone else without expecting anything in  return.


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